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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 2, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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♪ i need to be free with you tonight ♪ ♪ i need your love ♪ i need your love >> we need you. good morning. fox and friends first on this thursday morning. the second day of a brand new year. i am heather childers. >> it is thursday. you are heading on the down slope of this week. i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for starting your day with us. the northeast braising for a major storm that is coming from the midwest. it is expected to bring up to a foot of snow in some parts and freezing temperatures as well. >> the storm lrd swalready swald chicago. cancelling flights making a mess
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of the roads. what can we say today? >> a lot of people coming back from vacation. >> we are talking about a holiday week. so many people will be traveling and they will be seeing big time impact either delays or cancellations at big hubs. it is a complicated weather story. we have two storm systems there is one across portions of the midwest that is producing snow across parts of illinois and indiana even into ohio. the second front dal -- frontal boundary. both will be merging off the coast of the northeast coming up later today. we have winter weather advisories across missouri and into sections of pennsylvania. the worst hit areas is where we have or where we are expecting the worst conditions is where we have winter storm warnings in effect and even blizzard warnings in effect across long
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island and across portions of eastern massachusetts. dang your windchill temperatures and strong areas of snow. cities like new york city he could get over 6 inches of snow out here. the big story will be how cold it will be behind the storm system. 17 will be the high in new york city. only 13 in boston and only 7 the actual high. >> good time to stay inside and watch maria. >> thank you, maria. temperatures adding to an already fierce battle for firefighters in minneapolis. an apartment building explosion at night as that raging fire as you can see on your screen. 14 people hurt 16 kr-- 6 of the
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critically. it exploded sending residents running for safety. >> it was pretty intense explosion. i looked out here people from breeze frooing. >> the freezing cold causing the water firefighters were using to freeze hampering efforts for firefighters to gain the upper hand in this. crews are still searching for survivors now. no word on what caused the blast. >> passengers trapped on a russian research ship in antarctica. working to pick up all 52 passengers in single groups five at a time. so far 12 have been air lifted to a nearby australia supply ship. once all of the passengers are on the ship there will be two additional flights to get their luggage. the ship became stuck on christmas eve after it sur ice
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surrounded the ship freezing in place. there are crew members on board that will stay until it can be moved again. >> a driver collides with a pickup truck. it slid on to om coming trtraff. he almost hit a bus head on. the driver was found dead on the scene. the weather is a factor in the crash. >> it is official obamacare debuts with more canceled plans than enrollment. the problem getting worse or it could get worse for the white house. is it worse than they are letting on. elizabeth pran is live in washington with the latest behind what is maybe really going on with the roenrollment numbers. >> if you breakdown the numbers on one hand you have 4.7 million americans who have been told their health insurance plans don't meet the minimum standards
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meaning they were canceled. the actual number could be more because about 20 states don't have the information or they are not tracking it. if you compare that to the latest enrollment figures released by the white house which is about 2 million that shows a discrepancy perhaps leaving people uncovered as we ring in the new year. they are very wear reof the gaps. >> they have no idea how many have enrolled. they have no idea how many are the young and healthys. selective release of information which is highly suspicious. >> that approximate 2 million figure is a far cry than the 3.3 million by march 31st. kathleen sib beal why yous says she is pleased with the
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progress. >> i am fliled we will have millions of people for the first time with health security. it should be a great new year for lots of families across america. that being said there have been a number of exemptions and delays since the healthcare rollout of october 1st that has caused further instability for customers and insurance marketplace. going forward we aren't sure how is it all going to roll out. >> elizabeth prann live for us in washington. >> the new york times admitting this time they have a reporter on the ground talking to the attackers during the massacre. they claimed there were no al qaeda involvement and they were motivated an anti mohammed video. the reporter david kirk patrick is admitting this. now the times being grilled on
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if they knew who the attacker was and whether a witness was on the ground seeing the murder without calling for help. a plot to blow up the trade center passionate release. she has terminal cancer and has two years to live. the 74-year-old was sentenced to 10 years helping a spur prit actual leader for the men communicate from behind bars. >> also known as the blind chic. barbara bush remains hospitalized with pneumonia but they say the doctors at houston have given her an excellent prognosis. the 88-year-old has been receiving treatment since monday. obama releasing a statement she hopes she gets well soon. no word on whether the former first lady will be moving home.
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but we wish her well. >> if you haven't gotten enough of toronto's crack smoking mayor rob ford you are in luck. ford is filing for reelection today. the infamous mayor had a crazy year to say the least with admission to smoking crack cocaine, drunken tie raids caught on camera and other rumors of female employees surfaced. his chances are excellent. the election is october 22nd. >> they let people 21 years old buy marijuana. how did the first year of sales go? kdvr reporter dave young brave the the lines to find out. >> have your id's ready. >> it was not the mad houseman knee predicted. the first legal nonmedical government licensed marijuana sold in the world began flying
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off store shelves. many who waited patiently in line had driven hours from out of state. >> it is a big deal to come from other state and take part in this. >> colorado residents can buy up to an ounce. >> a lot of people ask about brice. here for example all flavors 8th of an ounce about $54 and change. >> some say prices are cheaper on the black market and colorado high tax rates will push customers back there. with security tight at most of the 30 odd shops that open many who formed the rules were happy with the outcome. >> i wanted to make sure we saw this the whole way through. >> denver city council spent years setting standards for the retail sales as the world watched. >> we need to get over the humorous aspect of the mile high
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city let it settle down and we will look at this and say did we make any mistake or move in this direction or that direction. >> they will monitor businesses statewide and reported business no problem. >> we need to make sure we have a pro bust regulatory system. the colorado state patrol says they will be looking out for motorists driving under the influence of marijuana as they would for those driving under the influence of medical marijuana. >> one of unity and hope for the coming year. he laid out the switches for the coming year and urged people to work for a world where everyone except differences share a common destiny. it>> new year's day usually means no work and all day football. we are talking about college bowl games. first the 100th rose bowl
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michigan state against stanford. second quarter stanford leading 10-7. the spartans pass interception. stanford up 10 but msu comes back. game tied at 17. cook finds him for the 24 yard score. they win 24-20. university of central florida taking on baylor took a third game tied at 28. th 9th rash shad pariman for the score. ucs taking the lead. they win a major upset in their bowl debut. t >> tax time. amazon shoppers in some states now have to pay up. lauren simonetti is here. >> three more states have been added to the growing list.
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indiana, nevada and tennessee. the change means more revenues for the states and hopefully more businesses for many of amazon's local competitors. but some amazon customers are annoyed they will be charged sales tax on on-line purchases. in 2016 south carolina will join the growing list. you are supposed to add up your purchases on tax returns no matter where you live but it is voluntary and is often ignored. net flex has a new pricing plan. one option is cheaper 6.99 viewers can watch only one video and for 9.99 you can stream three videos at one time whether on a tv, tablet or computer. only some customers will have access to the plans. right now the standard plan is 7.99 a month.
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you know the added tips to res strant bills to large parties of six or more. they are going away. a rule says those tips are being included in worker's paychecks instead to be passed as regular wages. waiters, waitresses, bartenders busboys who used to get the money at the end of the night will have to wait a week to get it in their paychecks instead. >> good to see you, lauren. >> happy new year. >> the time now is 13 after the top of the hour. it is not just about taste. why your personal politics no longer there. >> the simple law he broke that tips gave it cops. >> the national average of gas up one penny since yesterday. ♪
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>> welcome back. police on the hunt for the killers of a popular priest in ka california. authorities are looking for a gray nissan altima with california license plate winumb. >> a california girl found brain dead is getting help from the terry schiavo life network is working on behalf of the family. you probably remember she sparked a national debate when
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doctors and family members battled over whether or not to remove her from a feeding tube and let her by. they are trying to get her transferred to a long-term care facility where she can remain on life support despite them saying there's no hope for her recovery. >> a banker who faked his own get to avoid wire fraud charges busted for traffic violation. avery lee price is accused of funneling millions of dollars into his security accounts and stealing the money and hiding his trading losses. he was last seen boarding a ferry boat in florida back in 2012. a judge declared him dead a year ago. the fbi never sfoped lo stopped looking at him. he was stopped on a highway for having tinted windows. they found out he was wanted by the fbi. >> your favorite drink may be an
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indicator of political orientation. absolute and gray boos vodka while republicans are more likely to saver wild turkey and jim beam. someone who chooses wine is highly likely to go republican. if you enjoy smoking loon you are likely to vote democratically. it is time to brew on this. christmas may already be a fading memory but some refusing to lose that festive faeling leaving out the tech rations for far too long. others say you should bring down decorations by january 5th to avoid bad luck. >> when do you take them down? were they out with two 13 or did you let then linger for months? >> p send your comments over to us on twitter, facebook or e-mail fox we will read them later in the show. 19 minutes after the top of the hour. a tractor trailer losses control
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and plunges through the frozen lake with the driver and his dog inside. the amazing search and rescue. >> one basketball shot giving meaning to the term air ball. did they hit the shot?
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>> a broken axle found at the scene of the train derailment. they are working to find out if the axle caused the crash on monday or if it simply broke during the derailment. they found nothing wrong with the railroad tracks or with signals along the tracks. the case is still ongoing but it is the third explosion in the last six months involving trains
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carrying crude oil in that area. an oregon man and his dorg ag a safe after his truck plunged into an icy lake. he lost control of his semi and crashed into the ice covered lake. the driver was able to escape through the passenger window and crawled across the ice. emergency crews saw his dog running on the lake and brought it back to the man. the man and his dog were uninjure you huned. >> new years day costing one jeweler 150,000 dollars. he tried to drum up business by promising all holiday bling would be freed if it snowed more than 3 inches by noon on new year's day. now he has to put his money where his mouth is. >> to do something like this for people we have as customers, they are awesome. if we can give something back like this for them, it is so much money for us. >> according to the national
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weather service 3.7 inches fell before noon. >> if you think you have seen crazy basketball shots, check this one out. >> don't try this at home. this is the reunion tower shot. >> unreal. how is that possible? the group of texas a & m grads known as dude perfect attempted this near impossible shot by tossing the shot off the 560 foot reunion tower in dallas. this is the first shot by dude perfect. they have 2 million subscribers of footage of similar stunt. >> i want to know how in the world they did that. >> 25 minutes after the top of the hour. another hack attack.
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millions of phone numbers revealed after the most popular networking sites was targeted. >> oh baby they may be twins but these babies are actually a year apart. the two minute reason why. on this day in 2000 the popular kid's book adaptation of stewart little followistarring michael . >> they introduced him into the world. >> just about everybody except for... too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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>> an extreme weather alert. mother nature about to bury a part of the country in a blizzard. it could bring up to a foot of snow in some areas. it is already causing chaos at airports. maria molina tracking the storm. >> the fast and furious scandal possibly linked to another crime scene. this time a briz zee shooting at a popular vacation destination. ladies, all of us have felt the frustration. >> i am exhausted. where is he? >> who, the white night? that only happens in fairy tales. >> a new study revealing how many frogs you have to kiss before finding your prince charming. fox and friends first starts right now.
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♪ >> good morning to you. it is the second day of january 2014. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the hour. we begin with old man winter kicking off the new year in full force. new praising for a major storm that is coming to the midwest that is expected to bring a foot of snow in some parts and freezing temperatures. some areas getting socked with 5-9 inches of snow already making a mess on the roads. >> maria molina can tell us. what is going on? >> we have two storms. we have one pushing to portions of the midwest and snow across
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illinois, indiana and into ohio. the you see the band right there moving through areas north of incincinnati. there is a second front producing widespread areas of rain. both of these storms are going to be merging right off the coast of the northeast and that's really what we are expecting some of the worst conditions. winter weather advisory stretching from missouri to the midwest and into parts of northern new england. the winter storm warnings those areas in pink that's when we are expecting 8-14 inches possible across portions of massachusetts. in southern parts of new england you are looking at higher amounts. in new york city 6-8 inches of snow. gusts 30 miles an hour. blizzard conditions are expected
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due to the combination of the snow and also the wind. timing of the storm the worst expected coming up this even. it wraps up at noon friday. the other has so much to do with the storm system. here are the low temperatures we are expecting tonight. take a look at burlington, vermont, the actual low temperature will be 10 below zero 3 below zero in boston 9 for the low in new york city and factor in the wind and the windchill will be dangerous across the area. >> those in burlington need to go to the coat outlet. >> burlington coat outlet. >> the wind kills you. not even the temperatures. >> sub zero temperatures adding to a fierce battle for firefighters. an apartment building explosion ignited this raging fire. 14 people were hurt. 6 of them critically.
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witnesses say they saw the entire building explode sending residents running for safety. >> i looked out here people were jumping out. >> the freezing cold. look at this. it caused the water to freeze hampering efforts for firefighters to gain the upper hand. crews are still searching for survivors. no word yet on what caused this blast. a rescue on antarctic ship. a helicopter is working to pick up all 52 passengers. so far 12 have been air lifted to a nearby australian supply ship. once all are on the ship there will be two additional flights to get their luggage. the ship became stuck on christmas eve. it was after a blizzard made ice
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around the ship frozen in place. they will wait until the ice breaks up until it can move again. >> patients enrolled by the deadline head to the doctor. we will find out if they have coverage. while the administration kicks off the year. >> right out of the gate the administration is going to have to send off a legal challenge. they will have to address these numbers the fact that more people have lost health insurance because of obamacare 4.7 million than have enrolled so far 2.1 million under the law. they highlight obamacare success stories. people unable to get health insurance in the past are now insured. but that obamacare web site can have far reaching care.
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they have massive bureaucratic crack all with mid term leblgs now less than 11 months away. >> sticker shock. doctor shortages. not the right hospitals. losing coverage. losing everything that you thought you could keep. this is going to be i think politically very difficult for democrats if this drags on because they are going to have to have those going in. the rest of obamacare is untop layer. >> the legal challenges the lawyers have until tomorrow to explain why a group of colorado nuns and other similar religious organizations should be forced to provide contraception to employees under obamacare. it is a big battle crewibrewingt now. the administration keeps going back to the numbers 2.1 million people who have enrolled in healthcare plans short of the 7 million they say they paid.
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we still don't know how many of the 2.1 million have paid for the insurance plans. they are not insured until they pay the bill. >> the new york times drops another benghazi bombshell. this after publishing a controversial report claiming there was no al qaeda involvement and the terrorists were motivated an anti obama video. the reporter twieting the revelation this week. now they are being grilled on who the attackers were and whether the reporter witnessed the mur desh of the ambassador without calling for help. u.s. investigators trayinging more weapons from the government botched operation officials recovered one gun where five members were killed
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last month. the guns have been used in a number of murders including shooting death of a border patrol agent. why hasn't any one in the obama administration been held accountable? katie will be live on "fox & friends" at 7:15 to answer that question. police in georgia made a second arrest in the shooting death of a 21-year-old soldier. 22-year-old palmer surrendered to police. he is charged with the murder of a college student and army reservist. arnold was shot in the head during a robbery attempt while walking with his girlfriend. the friend also was shot but survived. a 148-year-old was charged with murder in that case. if you haven't gotten enough of toronto's crack smoking mayor rob ford you are no luck. ford is filing for reelection today. the infamous layor had a crazy year to say the least in 2013 with his admission of smoking
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crack cocaine drunk tie raids on camera and reports of sexually harassing a female employee. it is on october 22nd. >> hundreds are lining up in the snow to be the next buyers of legal hot. the state is the first over the age of 21 buy weed for recreational use. not the mad houseman knee predicted, though. many still not on board with the new law. >> i am really outraged they have singled out a community with thousands of residence, thousands of children. >> meantime it is still a federal crime. there are worries about increasing teen pot use and driving while high. democrats pushed to restore unemployment benefits. a vote will happen as early as monday. the benefits have not included
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in a two-year deal cutting off unemployment checks for americans out of work longer than six months. republicans in the house insisted that any renewal of the jobless benefits be offset. the measure would continue the program for three months while a compromise is sought. the historic bible used to swear in the new mayor of new york went missing after the new ceremony. the new ymayor used the bible once owned by franklin roosevelt during the oath of office. after the ceremony the bible was nowhere to be found. it was located about three hours later fortunately. where is the playoff fever? . nfl is only days away. three wild card games are struggling to sell out. the packers sold out 319 consecutive games at lambeau. if they don't unload thousands of tickets by 4:30 this afternoon the playoff game against the 49ers could be
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blacked out in local markets. same for the cincinnati bengals and colts. why aren't they selling out? some experts blame the soaring ticket prices. >> it can get expensive for families. >> millions of private phone numbers after another popular social networking site. find out if you are one of them. >> if you can't break it take it. how one is using super human strength to break the law.
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>> brandon madea pleaded not
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guilty after using his dead aunt's name to try to make money off of a fund. they charged him with trying to scam more than $2 million from the foundation. he is representing himself and seeking 100,000 dollars in if damages. j.k. rowlings made millions after writing under a pseudonym. she has been fined 100 pounds or 15,000 for the kuk couldn't's calling. a partner at the firm representing rowling told his wife the true identity of the author and the wife later tweeted it out. >> bon jovi not only has this year's top tour but the rock band achieved a career high.
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♪ sing a song for the brokenhearted ♪ >> the new jersey rock band finished with a global box office take of $255 million topping the list for the highest grossing tour. beyonce came in second followed by pink, justin bieber in 4th place and bruce springsteen rounding out the top five. major security breech exposes personal information for millions of snap chat users. diane macedo joins us now with what users need to know. >> that's right. the new year may have only just started but for snap chat and skype it has already been marked by major security failures. it started tuesday night when 4.6 snap chat user names were downloaded to a data base on-line. they warned snap chat about a
2:47 am
vulnerability in the site that could allow this exact thing to happen just a few days ago. snap chat addressed the concerns in a blog post saying quote theoretically if someone were able to up load a huge amount of numbers mass user names to phone numbers that way. over the past year they have various safeguards to make it more difficult to do. not difficult enough. skype had a run in of its own with hackers that left blog facebook and twitter accounts all messages attributing to the syrian and electronic army warning people not to use microsoft products because the company is selling user information to the government. >> they took to twitter to acknowledge the breech. no comment yet from snap chat. >> thank you very much diane macedo. >> it is now 47 minutes after the top of the hour. image this the pain from an
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appendectomy made much worse by a 55,000 dollar hospital bill. the 20-year-old patient shares his story. >> born two minutes apart but in different years. can you figure that out? meet the twin babies that came into the world with a bang. now let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> another great 2014 pair of shows for both of you. new york times has a reporter on scene on 9-11 the day of the attack on benghazi. how is congress celebrating? they are letting 55 tax breaks expire. how that will impact you. before you hit the slopes a few safety tips that could save your life. is working out part of you new year's resolution. we are de bunking the myths to make your workouts count. workout should be with your shirt on. that just came in a second ago.
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bob matthews is here answering legal questions all for free. i want you to write me in my mail bag then we will get to bob.
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back in shock when he got a hospital bill he wasn't expecting. 20-year-old nick gonzalez's bill from the hospital totaled over $55,000. he owes $11,000 of that because his insurance covers the rest. gonzalez posted the bill to read-it so viewers can see how much an unpreventable illness actually costs. >> it's not that i'm angry at them for charging me this much. i think it is the situation in america with our health care. it's overpriced. >> studies show medical procedures could vary at different hospitals. experts recommend patients request itemized bill and double check your figures before paying. their parents calling it a shot of destiny. lorraine and brandon begazo were born in washington, d.c. just three minutes apart but they made it into the world in different years. lorraine was born at 11:58
2:54 am
p.m. on tuesday. her brother arrived at 12:01 a.m. on new year's day. their parents ecstatic about their arrivals. >> to have brandon and lorraine right after the new year begins, to have them in this world as a parent, it's too much to handle. >> mom and babies are all doing well. the family says they plan to celebrate the twins' different birth dates with cake on both sides of midnight on new year's eve every year. until they are too old and they want to be away from their parents on new year's eve. good for them. congratulations. how many frogs do you have to kiss before you find your prince charming. >> i'm exhausted. where is he? >> who? the white knight? that only happens in fairy tales. >> according to new research fairy tales do come true if you kiss 15
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men. a study says the average woman will kiss 15 guys and have her heart broken twice before meeting her knight in shining armor. they say a woman will go on four disastrous dates and go out once before she settles down. now five minutes till the top of the hour. christmas is over. did you take your decorations down or do you let them linger longer than maybe you should? sharing your post-holiday traditions. >> a celebration goes up in smoke when the star of the show bursts into flames. what led to the blast?
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time now for a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. an injection that could prevent and treat breast cancer is now being developed. the drug might be tested on women as early as next year and could wipe out up to 70% of breast cancer
2:59 am
patients. next the bad -- or breast cancer, i should say. a tractor pulling a car causes a weight so big it broke through a flood prevention wall. a giant duck on display in taiwan explodes hours before it was expected to attract a big crowd to bring in the new year. >> time for responses. christmas may be a fading memory but some people haven't lost that festive feeling. we wanted to know when do you take down your decorations? were they out with 2013 or do you let them linger longer? liz says my decorations come down the day after christmas. takes about a week to get back to order. all is back to normal by the new year. >> donna march resays i take them down on new year's day. the spirit remains in my heart all through the year. >> david says i received a summons last year from court because of my christmas lights. when i get a warm weekend
3:00 am
in january they will be down. >> that will make your neighbors happy. thanks for responding. >> i keep mine up until my birthday, january 7. >> next tuesday we'll be celebrating. >> "fox & friends" starts now. we hope you have a good one. >> thursday. tomorrow's friday. yay! good morning. it is thursday, january 2. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. it's 2014. that means it's the year of obamacare. but with abysmal enrollment the administration moves the goal post once again. wait until you hear their latest claims. >> get this. "the new york times" now says they had a reporter on the ground that night of the terrorist attack in benghazi. their reporter was even talking to the attackers. you've got to hear this to believe it. it's coming up. >> a new year, a fresh start even for this guy. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. but, no -- am i an addic


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